Checklist for your adventure abroad


Before applying for a job make sure you are well informed about the documents (such as passport, visa, vaccinations) that are required to allow you to work in another country. We advise you to use our checklist for more information about documents that may be required. Please be informed that required documents and processing times vary per country.


A passport is the most important travel document. It needs to be valid for at least the duration of your stay in another country. Some countries require that your passport is valid for 6 months after departing the country.


Most countries require that you have a visa which allows you to work in that particular country. Please read the visa conditions carefully. Eligibility and processing times vary per country. Always check about visas before you apply for a job. Employers will only invite people to work for them if their paper work is in order.


Make sure you are informed about the vaccinations required for the country where you are going to. Vaccinations are available from a vaccination centre or your own doctor. Be on time because some vaccinations take a longer period.


Make sure you are well insured. In some countries they may even ask you to show an insurance card to be sure that your health insurance provides coverage in their country. we recommend at least the following insurances:

  • a good health insurance
  • travel insurance and cancellation
  • SOS Insurance
  • accident
  • liability

Credit Card

Our advice is to make sure that you have a credit card (Visa or Master). If unexpected expenses come around it can cover this. Also in most countries a credit card is more used and accepted than debit cards.