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Experienced Agricultural Machinery Operators

New Zealand Published: 1 week ago

Mid October to Mid-Late March approx

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General Farmhand

Australia Published: 1 week ago

In negotiation

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Service Technician (Mechanic)

Canada Published: 3 weeks ago

Immediately (minimum of 24 months).

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Herdsman / Herdsmanager

Germany Published: 3 weeks ago

starting August -September 2018 for half a year or longer.

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Tractor operator

New Zealand Published: 4 weeks ago

Can start any time but must be here at the start of September to start potato planting. Depending on the duration of your stay either finish up at the start of November or Mid-May.

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Combine and chaser bin drivers for grain harvest Australia

Australia Published: 1 month ago

Second week of October until early December (depending on the weather)

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Sprayer / Machinery Operator

New Zealand Published: 1 month ago

Full time preferably but would look at seasonal applicants. Minimum time from September - May.

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Sprayer operators Australia

Australia Published: 4 months ago

minimum of 1 year

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Internships & Training in the USA

United States Published: 1 year ago

july/early August - mid/end November

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