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We are looking for an enthusiast Herd Manager or somebody with some experience with Cows. A lot of the job you can learn on the Farm. Treatment and managing a 750 Cows in fertility, health and production. Working in an international team with Dutch, German, Bulgarian and Polish people. There is Dutch supervision, accommodation is provided.


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We are a Dairyfarm with 750 Dairycows near Dömitz in Germany.. We have high standard Dairymanagement. Dairymanagementsystem DC 305 and GEA 40autoRotor milkingparlor. We have a enthausiasting young team with different nationalities. Very good housing for a Herdsmanager. We look forward to meet you.





Job Type

Permanent Job


starting August -September 2018 for half a year or longer.


Neu Jabel


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