General Farmhand in North Dakota

This job is not active anymore.

Job Description

We are looking for a general farm hand to join our great team in North Dakota, USA.

The job entails a variaty of tasks: Clean, maintain, repair, field ready equipment. Clean grain bins. Drive trucks and tractors to perform crop raising
duties. Plant, harvest, cultivate crops using tractor drawn machinery.

When 50% of the jobs is completed we will reimburse your inbound transportation expences. When 100% is completed we will reimburse your outbound transportation expences aswell!

You will need a H2A visa, wich we will arrange for you.

Don't wait any longer. Apply, get in touch and come on over to the US!


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Company information

Recruitment for agricultural jobs worldwide


Agricultural several


United States

Job Type

Seasonal Job


April - mid October


North Dakota


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