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Kununurra - Oasis Farms - Harvest season 2019

Oasis Farms is a mix cropping farm in Northern Western Australia. The farm is irrigated. Water is supplied through channels from the Argyle Dam. Soil type is a heavy black self-mulching clay. The main crops in 2019 will be Corn, Maize and Rhodes grass for hay. Currently we crop 1769 irrigated ha. Our team of 10 is keep quite busy running the farm.

Fields get cultivated and fertilized, then bed shaped and pre-irrigated. This ensures ideal soil, weed and nutrient conditions for planting in late April and early May. June and July are months where we grow, cultivate, side dress and irrigate the crops.

The harvest period, this particular job, starts mid-August and finishes in mid-October. We are looking for at least two enthusiastic and energetic farmers, who are keen to learn and see something different. They will have to have an open mind to doing new things, and a good sense of humor won’t hurt. We pride ourselves in being a resilient farm that embraces innovation and excellent communication so we can thrive and flourish. We care for all our staff and want to make this a memorable and fun time for everyone.

Accommodation is provided, it is a donga type, where you have your own room with its own shower and toilet attached. Kitchen and laundry facilities are in a separate adjacent donga. Four team members can live here together. We will make a work vehicle available to ensure you can drive to town (15 km) to go shopping. You will have to supply your own food and do your own washing.

Longer period is possible, in November there is more tractor work coming in.


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