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General Farm Worker – Lyndale - Prince Edward Island - Canada

Henk Geurms and his family emigrated from Drouwenermond to Canada in 1999 and have an arable farm on Prince Edward Island (PEI). The farm name is Lyndale Farms Inc. Named after the town where they live. Charlottetown is around 35 km from the farm and Montague is 10 km away. They grow around 160 hectares of potatoes for The Little Potato Company. This is a specialized crop for small table potatoes <41 mm smaller.

Machine park:
- 3 New Holland tractors (T7.315, T7.270 and T7.235)
- 2 Toyota forklifts
- Potato planting with a 4 row Miedema Structural belt planter with fertilizer boxes and hiller attachement
- Tillage machines mainly consist of Lemken, Pottinger and Kverneland.
- Disc harrow and stubble cultivators, and a Lemken Solitair seed drill.
- Spraying Agrifac Condor 5000L 36M wide.
- Potato harvest with a Grimme SE 150-60 and a locally build Allan windrower.

What will you be doing?

Period May - October

o Assisting during planting work, mainly filling the planter with a transfer truck and ensuring that the planter remains filled with potatoes from the trucks;
o Prepare land for planting with cultivator or disc harrow;
o Spread fertilizer and sowing cover crops;
o Mowing cover crops.
o Take samples of potatoes to prepare for topkill
o Machine maintenance and preparations for harvesting;
o Harvesting (operating windrower) .


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Seasonal Job


May - Ocotober (shorter period is possible)


Lyndale, Prince Edward Island


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