Manager of Agricultural Engineering (GHA)

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For our client, which is a multinational company engaged in industrial research and technology development projects across the African continent, we are looking for an experienced Manager of Agricultural Engineering. This challenging and responsible job is temporary and lasts 2 years.

You will be responsible for the Agricultural engineers solve technical problems that affect agricultural efficiency and production. They can specialize in various areas, such as farming, forestry, aquaculture, and biofuels. They combine their biological science and engineering knowledge to improve power supply, agricultural machinery, irrigation, pollution issues, building structures, food processing, soil and water conservation, and more. Most agricultural engineers work full time; however, their schedules can vary according to their working project. When unexpected issues arise in construction projects, agricultural engineers may need to work outside of standard business hours to address them.

Key Responsibilities:
* Develop and execute the company’s business strategies in order to attain goals.
* The Director of Agric Engineers should use computer-based IoT technology to design machinery, systems, and equipment. For example, they may design earth-moving vehicles that are able to perform agricultural tasks in difficult weather conditions. Agricultural engineers are critical responsibilities of drafting designs, reviewing technical specifications, and adjusting engineering plans for compliance with regulations. Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans, including efficient maintenance methodology.
* Plan cost-effective Maintenance operational development initiatives.
* Build long term, trusting Agric Mechnazition structures with Key TurnKey Equipment Manufactures.
* Oversee the company’s Agric Machineries and other Technological agric engineering business opportunities.
* Supervise the work of the entire project engineering department, thus providing guidance and motivation to drive maximum performance, including training liaising with equipment manufacturers.
* Analyze problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth.
* Develop and enhance company culture.
* Ensure a positive work environment.

* Must be an expert on Agric Mechanical Engineering with thinking critically to solve problems. First and foremost, the candidate must have the requisite skills to experiment and plan studies to improve crop yields.
* The Direct of Agric Engineering of the ultimate project goal is to work scientifically to produce the most delicate Engineering Solution of the project machinery, on the most consistent basis that they can, in any situation.
* Experience in Agribusiness for not less than ten years in a managerial position.

About the business:
This vacancy concerns a newly established arable farming business in Ghana. This business was set up in collaboration with the government and is initially a two-year pilot. You will report to the council of board members and you will lead a group of employees on a daily basis. The business contains a whole new project of nearly 260 ha farmland in Accra, Ghana, Africa. There will be grown mainly vegetables; peppers, tomatoes and onions. To make a success off this, their will be installated a whole new irrigationsystem.

What the business offers:
The company offers a two-year contract, housing, car with driver and airline tickets to/from the home country.

For more information about this vacancy, please contact Erik via or 088-4278333.


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