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In need of a temporary work visa for example for Canada, America, Australia or New Zealand? Global AG Jobs Visa Service can you help you out with this!

We've been handling visa applications for years for countries like Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand. We first did this as HuizingHarvest and are now working under the name of Global AG Jobs. Can't you figure out the process or do you just want to make sure your application is complete and filled in correct? We offer personal guidance and the guarantee that nothing is missed. For more information, please contact us. We can be reached via email at

An overview of the costs and the lead time of a visa application.


Costs visa

Guidance fee

Duration of application

J1 visa

Visa J1 $ 900,-
Visa SEVIS Fee $ 220,-
Visa embassy $ 160,-
Mandatory insurance $ 156,- per month

€ 500,- (without tax)

4 - 8 weeks

Working Holiday

 Visa AUD 510,-

€ 225,- (without tax)

1 week

Working Holiday of Young Professionals

Visa CAD 256,- / 156,-
Biometrics fee CAD 85,- 

€ 350,- / € 380,- (without tax)

6 - 8 weeks after getting invited

New Zealand
Working Holiday

Visa NZD 455,-

€ 225,- (without tax) 

1 week

Visa Canada 2018 explanation

Every year there is only a certain number of visa (quota) per country available via International Experience Canada. These visas are available now. For most countries there are 2 categories you can apply for, if you comply with the requirements.

Working Holiday
Working Holiday is a Visa for those who are planning to travel around Canada and want to get temporary work that will partial bear the cost of their stay in Canada (up to a maximum of 12 months). When you apply for this Visa, you will receive a work permit where the employer and location are left open. This means you can work anywhere in Canada for every employer that offers you a job. During the 12 months of your stay, you can work as long as you want for any employer.

Young Professionals
Young Professionals is meant for those, mostly students, who are registered at or graduated a postgraduate course, that want to give their career an impulse by getting work experience in Canada during the maximum time period of 12 months. This has to be done in a prearranged labour agreement. If your application for a work visa in the IEC-category ‘Young Professionals’ is approved, your visa allows you to work for 1 specific employer which has to be the employer that is mentioned on the application. Your work permit is only valid for the period that is mentioned in the employers job offer. So once your application is approved, you cannot change employer.

You can only apply for either the Working Holiday or the Young Professionals.

J1 visa America explained

To work in America, or do your internship there, you can apply for a J1 visa. This visa is for foreign students and young professionals, to get work experience in America. Only sponsor organisations can apply for a J1 visa, and we work together with CAEP. In order to do the application via CAEP, the employer needs to be connected to CAEP or join them (they can do this by filling in a "host application" on the CAEP website). You are only allowed to work for the employer that offered you a job in the period that is stated in the application (at least 3 months with a maximum of 12) with the J1 visa. After this period, you can travel Amerika for the maximum of 30 days.

In order to get a J1 visa, you have to comply with:

  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You are a student, finished school less than a year ago or you have at least 5 years of work experience.
  • The work you will be doing in Amerika, needs to be within your field of study and/or match your previous work experience.

Depending on how fast all parties are with filling in and delivering all the correct documents, this procedure will normally take about 5-8 weeks, including a visit to the American embassy in your home country.